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INTAKE UG: 520 PG: 00

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I feel happy to introduce you to the department of Applied Sciences, Maths & Humanities, which is the foundation of Engineers. The department strives to increase the knowledge by enhancing the critical thinking and analyzing the things technically with the help of highly competent faculty. The purpose of Applied Sciences, Maths & Humanities Department is to lay a strong foundation of basic principles of various disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Communication Skills in the minds of the learners, so that they proceed to rest of their years of study with up to date knowledge and training of basic engineering skills. A structure gets its strength from its foundation and we at YTIET believe in strong and solid base.

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Infrastructures and Laboratories


Laboratory Name: CP LAB
Laboratory Resources:

10 pc, 1 projector. OS(WIN 7) TURBO C.ADOBE READER,AUTOCAD,

Basic Electrical and Elecronics LAB


Laboratory Resources:

Low of polygon, Bell Crank lever, Law of friction, Low of parallelogram, support reaction, bar pendulum.


Area of Laboratory 169 Sq. meter
Laboratory Resources:

CRO,Optical Fibre kit, Newton’s ring, crystallographic structure,SCBCC,FCC, diamond, NaCl, BaTiO3, pn junction diode,HeNe laser, Diversion’s beam, laser diffraction, Lissajous figure, AC signal generator, Batteries, Ammeter, Volt meter, multi meter, Diffraction grating,Sodium Lamp.


Laboratory Resources:

pH meter, conducto meter, colori-meter, Electric weighing balance, redwood viscometer, Abel’s flashpoint apparatus, orsat apparatus, Oven, electric water bath, Heating Mantle etc.


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